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Our partners can become organizations, selling spare parts, auto repair shops or wholesale buyers.
For this you should contact us on 705-155, 712-754, 714-415.
Our team
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Corporate culture
The Company “Alex Auto” has been specializing in selling auto spare parts and technical servicing since 2000. For this period a solidary team of well-qualified specialists has been formed, corporate traditions have appeared; new information technologies have been introduced. Due to correct work of the personnel we achieved great results.
The corporate culture of the Company “Alex Auto” is based on the professionalism, traditions and the team of the specialists. the potential of the Company is in them. Our employees do their best at work and get a deserved remuneration for this. We would like every employee to be satisfied with the results of his/her work and to connect his/her life perspectives with our Company.
Traditions of “Alex Auto” are personal and professional development. The key point for the success of our business is creation of the system of continuous training and development. We support carrier growth of our employees and our system of evaluation and personnel management supports general corporate culture.
Corporate traditions of our firm are based on the integration of the best experience and solutions. They contribute to forming a responsible team, aimed at the development and results. Knowledge, skills, technologies and traditions created and accumulated by the Company are highly appreciated, kept and handed down to our new employees. Our employees are proud that they work at “Alex Auto”
We admit that people are our main treasure and we are trying to estimate the active part of every employee in achieving the goals of the Company; to create the atmosphere of trust and respect; to encourage our employees to take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions; encourage creativity and enterprise; to aim at perfection, constantly increasing the level of services.
“Alex Auto” also has a tradition of celebrating corporate holidays, such as New Year, Company’s birthday, professional holidays, employees’ birthdays and informal picnics. After having a good rest, you can work hard.