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Our partners can become organizations, selling spare parts, auto repair shops or wholesale buyers.
For this you should contact us on 705-155, 712-754, 714-415.
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About company
The main field of activity of our Company “Alex Auto” is selling auto spare parts for European automobiles and also full range of services concerning repair of cars.
The mission of the Company is creating favourable conditions for out partners so that the purchase of goods in the trading network “Alex” was a deliberate choice, comfortable and economically justified bargain for many years.
The main target of management “Alex Auto” management is successful from commercial point of view functioning of the Company in the auto market in accordance with the principles of market economy and free enterprise within the limits of existing legislation of the Russian Federation . In process of achieving this target the Company settles the following problems:
-         constant development of business;
-         expanding the range of partners;
-         upgrading technical base;
-         strengthening our positions in the home market.
Our principles:
-         quality
-         honesty
-         workmanship and professionalism
Having studied the world practice of making business and having gained our own experience we have made sure that the most vital pledge of success in realizing commercial goals is priority pursuing our Customers’ interests. The understanding of this allows us to deliberately sacrifice momentary profit to the promotion of the whole business. So during the last years of existing we built up a stainless reputation that is a considerable part of the Company’s capital.
At present the Company “Alex Auto” – is one of the largest centers of automobiles servicing in our city. Dynamically developing network of the shops covers different areas of Kaliningrad city and offers spare parts for automobiles Opel, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc.
The Company “Alex Auto” offers wholesale deliveries of original spare parts for automobiles Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Opel, Ford, Volkswagen etc.
The delivery of spare parts is carried out from the warehouses of the Company and from warehouses of producers including deliveries by request. For wholesale buyers there is a flexible system of discounts, the amount of which depends on the range of goods and the volume of deliveries.
Information about availability of spare parts can be obtained in the catalogue in our site or from the managers of the wholesale department. If you do not have any information of names and codes of needed spare parts, the managers of the department will consult you.
If you have any questions concerning buying wholesale lots of spare parts, turn to the wholesale department of “Alex auto”.
The Company “Alex Auto” is a partner of the local authority and takes an active part in business and cultural life of our city. From the very start of our work the Company annually participates in exhibitions in the exhibition center “Baltic-Expo” where we present our services.
The first shop “Alex” was opened in September, 1996. For some years the firm has signed contracts with Polish suppliers of spare parts FOTA and HART. Then the contracts with AB-Filter, Tomex-C and Janmor followed. The year of 2000 is a year of official registration of the Company “Alex Auto”. In a year a new partnership with a large German Concern Meyle allowed the Company to make a qualitative break-through in the development. The agreement with Bosch and K+F contributed to strengthening the position of the trading network “Alex” in the city of Kaliningrad . The opening of the auto center in 2005 became a natural continuation of “Alex Auto” policy on the path to the main goal – leading position in the market of auto spare parts of Kaliningrad Region.
Service. We guarantee you operative service. Our service center and warehouse are at your disposal on-line.
Contemporary equipment and specially trained personnel allows providing technical servicing of the highest quality.
Reasonable prices. For regular buyers we grant constant discounts on an accumulative basis!
Quality. Our auto spare parts comply with international standards and norms of quality.